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User Flows & Scenarios

User Flows – Example 1

User flows are created to depict the primary tasks users will perform and the main pathways they will take through a site or application. They illustrate both user and system actions and are a useful tool for scoping the wireframing effort. User flows are also valuable for project planning, for guiding discussions, and for aligning project team members to a shared UX vision for the application.

User Flow Example 1 - Screen Flow

User Flows – Example 2

Another example of a simple flow for exploring the user experience.

User Flow Example 2 - Flow Chart

User Scenarios

User Scenarios are great tools for capturing how different users are expected to navigate and experience a site. Typically a site/application is targeted to a variety of users with differing needs and behaviors. Creating scenarios for each audience guides the development of the information architecture and is essential for crafting great user experiences.

User Scenarios