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Standard & Poor's Ratings Process Manager

Ratings Process Manager

One of my assignments while working freelance at Standard & Poor's was to design an application to automate and organize the firm's ratings process. Two of my development goals were to a) mark up each page using semantic HTML, and b) employ DOM scripting to separate behavior from page structure.

The first screen of the Deal Workspace, shown here, lists all the deals assigned to the analyst with critical dates and statuses. Functionality is also provided allowing the analyst to view all deals assigned to his/her team and search for deals across the company.

Standard & Poor's Ratings Process Manager

Deal Summary Screen

The Deal Summary Information screen summarizes critical data and lists the documents required when rating an issue. Visual flags are used to indicate the status of each step in the workflow, while links are provided to the key data-gathering screens and documents.

Standard & Poor's Deal Summary Screen

Work Party Screen

Drilling deeper into the workflow, the user is presented with screens that allow him/her to enter all required data to complete the rating. As shown in these screenshots, I included a few Ajax interactions to make the data entry process quick and efficient. Here, for example, when the user hovers over a specific Role, edit and delete links appear, allowing the user to easily update the work team if needed.

Standard & Poor's Work Party Screen
Standard & Poor's Work Party Screen - Add Role