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Standard & Poor's Ratings Gateway

Ratings Gateway - News Monitor

On a freelance assignment for Standard & Poor's, I was tasked with creating a design for a Vignette-based portal to be used by the firm's ratings analysts and managers. The primary goal was to create a customizable workspace that would allow analysts to conveniently access their credit rating documents as well as 3rd-party websites/news sources specific to the industries they follow.

Standard & Poor's Ratings Gateway

Credit Workspace

The Credit Workspace screen enables analysts to access the latest data/documents of the companies and issues they rate and follow. Quick access to their own and their teams' publishing schedules allows analysts to stay on top of due dates and manage their workload. The use of visual flags to indicate if a rating is past due or impending helps managers identify bottlenecks and deploy staff and resources where they're needed.

Standard & Poor's Analyst Publishing Schedule

Credit Detail Screen

Providing a convenient spot for analysts to access and view their primary credits was an important win. For the selected company, the Credit Detail screen allows an analyst to view company-wide and debt-type ratings as well as ratings for individual issues. Analysts can also easily access ratings' histories, which enables them to identify trends.

Standard & Poor's Credit Detail Screen