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Pfizer Global Learning Portal

GL &D Home Screen

As a freelance information architect working for BusinessEdge Solutions, I developed the UI and visual design for a training management portal that BusinessEdge pitched to Pfizer's Global Learning & Development (GL&D) group.

The screenshot shown here is what I proposed for the home page. The page incorporates several content-rich elements to create an interactive user experience including a blog with news, articles and commentary from the Pfizer community, a video player to promote GL&D offerings, a personalized calendar, and a targeted search widget for locating specific GL&D training assets.

Pfizer Global Learning & Development Home Page

Course Catalog

To allow learners to find courses that fit their experience, interests, and preferred learning style, the search screen included a keyword search field as well as selection lists to search based on the learner's position in the company, the targeted skill or capability, the learner's place in Pfizer's overall training program, and the type of training resource or format.

Pfizer Global Learning & Development Catalog

My Training Page

I also designed a personalized "My Training" page so learners could track their training history, see at a glance upcoming courses for which they registered, pro-actively build and maintain a training plan, and keep abreast of their skill development. Note how clicking a specific capability listed within the My Capabilities pane results in a display of learning resources designed for that skill/capability.

Pfizer Global Learning & Development My Training Page