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TheLadders RecruitLadder

RecruitLadder Search

RecruitLadder is the Web application TheLadders offers recruiters to enable them to search TheLadders job seeker database, post jobs, manage job applicants, and promote their company and services. In 2009, I was the lead IA charged with redesigning the site's search experience.

One of the key features I added as part of the main navigation was a prominent and ubiquitous search bar. Based on an analysis of recruiters' search patterns, I explicitly included fields to enter keywords, the job seeker's residence or location, desired job titles that the job seeker has had, and specific companies the job seeker has worked for. Through user testing with recruiters, we were able to refine the search algorithm and adjust the relative weightings of each of these fields. We were also able to improve the Boolean search capability.

RecruitLadder Search Screen

Search Results Page

There were two primary search behaviors the new design set out to accommodate: targeted searching and "wide" searching with the ability to refine and narrow the displayed results. Our redesigned Advanced Search page addressed the former. A new design to the search results page - with a robust use of filters - accommodated the latter.

To reduce server load, a delay was built into the filter interaction so that server requests are not triggered whenever an individual filter is changed. By incorporating this brief pause, the design allows the recruiter to change a group of filters before seeing the results, which is in line with expected behavior.

RecruitLadder Search Results Page

Candidate Snapshot

To allow the recruiter to quickly scan results and identify attractive candidates, I designed a candidate "snapshot" showing the job seeker's current title and company, his/her three prior positions, current location and compensation, and the date the job seeker's profile was last updated. Recruiters told us these were the key attributes they used in judging candidate quality and fit.

The candidate snapshot also includes a display of important statuses, such as whether the recruiter previously viewed the candidate, saved the candidate, or contacted the candidate.

RecruitLadder Candidate Snapshot

Candidate View

Clicking on a candidate's name in the search results opens the Candidate View page. The same attributes that appear in the snapshot are also displayed here. In addition, the candidate's full resume is imaged and displayed, as well as a few key data modules along the right rail showing the candidate's industry experience, job goals, desired locations and - of particular value to recruiters - the names of similar candidates.

RecruitLadder Candidate View Page