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Heuristic Evaluation

Heuristic Evaluation Template

One of my assignments while at TheLadders was to assess the effectiveness of RecruitLadder, the application TheLadders' provides to professional recruiters. To conduct the assessment, I created a template which has proved useful for performing heuristic evaluations.

For RecruitLadder, I used eight heuristics to judge the key task flows. For each heuristic, I assigned a grade along with a summary of my rationale. I also calculated an overall grade for the specific flow by weighting the individual heuristics equally. Critical to the analysis was developing a grading "rubric" – i.e., what constitutes an "A" versus a "B", etc. – and applying it consistently across tasks and across competitor sites.

Heuristic Evaluation Template

Fancy Template

My former colleague, Jeff Gothelf, shared this template with me from a project he did while at Braun Consulting. I like the layout. If you're on the hook for a detailed, visually slick client presentation, it makes for a solid deliverable.

Refined Heuristic Template - Ready For Prime Time