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Functional Specifications

Detailed Spec

When organizations follow a traditional development methodology, where coding typically happens after the UX process, there is a need for detailed functional specs. Sometimes the responsibility for creating the spec falls to the IA; sometimes it is the responsibility of the Business Analyst.

The specs at Marriott are probably the most detailed I've ever created. In addition to capturing current and future functionality, they include notations recording the history of past changes. Reading them is like opening a time capsule!

Detailed Functional Spec

Keeping QA Happy

In addition to developers, the audience for functional specs includes Quality Assurance. They are the folks who give the spec the closest read and interpret it most literally. If an explanation is unclear or a system state or condition is missing, they will let you know. My recommendation: loop in QA early during design to keep edits to a minimum.

Functional Spec - Example 2