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Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials Dashboard

As a freelance IA for BusinessEdge Solutions, a company who provided consulting services to the pharmaceutical industry, I created a clickable demo to promote the company's expertise in clinical drug trials.

Shown here is a screen shot of the protocol manager's dashboard. Key reports based on data pulled from different internal systems are provided to allow the manager to assess the state of the protocols for which he/she is responsible. "Alerts" and "My Tasks" modules are included to inform the manager of important issues and actions. A group calendar promotes team collaboration.

Clinical Trials Dashboard Screen

Alert Details

The Alert Detail dialog screen opens when an alert is clicked. The information that's displayed and the available functionality depend on the type of alert.

In this example where the protocol is experiencing an enrollment shortfall, the user can click on each listed city and compare planned versus actual enrollment numbers.

Clinical Trials Alert Detail Dialog

Assign Tasks

Alert dialogs also allow the user to take action. Here the manager can choose from a list of site administration tasks to address the enrollment shortfall. Subsequent screens in the wizard allow the manager to assign these tasks to specific members on the protocol team.

Once completed, the dialog triggers the system to update the dashboards of the selected team members, adding any new tasks to their "My Tasks" modules.

Clinical Trials Assign Tasks Dialog

Executive View

In addition to designing screens for the protocol manager, I created screens appropriate for senior executives.

In this example, the senior exec is accessing reports across all protocols under his/her management. Different global navigation options are provided to support the senior executive's program responsibilities.

Clinical Trials Executive Summary Screen